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Start Your E-Commerce Photo Stock Website

EasyPhotoStore provides you with all features you need to setup your own ecommerce stock photo website on your own domain name. Our support team will install the script on your server and then you can start earning revenues easily. It is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3...

What Your Visitors Will See
Enhanced Slide Shows give you a GREAT opportunity to IMPRESS your customers.

Enhanced Photo Pre-Load Enhanced Photo Pre-Load boosts your pictures to be displayed more quickly. It has a nice progress bar to show your customers how they have progressed so far

Enhanced Photo Preview gives your customer a bigger version of the photo in a proffessional way.

Tell Your Friend gives you better marketing system by allowing visitors to help spread your website address to their friends by sending the photos as an e-card. This is yet a powerfull way to attracting traffic to your website ...

Discount Coupon Codes Boost your marketing with coupon codes that you can post on forums or other websites.

Performance Increase. Now with the use of built-in caching technology, EasyPhotoStore loads much faster than previous version. Photos will be displayed much faster.

Compatibility Upgrade. We have fixed many areas that we think can improve compatibility for EasyPhotoStore for major servers.

New Pricing Per Photo Option. You can also now set a different pricing scheme for some photo. So you can use the general default pricing or even use special pricing for some special photos.

Accept Sales Option. If you don't want to accept orders on your end, you can set the setting for Accept Sales Option to No.

2CheckOut Payment Modules. You can now accept payments using 2CheckOut. There is also a guide on how you should set the 2CheckOut settings.

Paypal Payment Module. Our team has finally enhanced the Paypal Payment Module so that it works better now ..

Cash On Delivery. If you don't want to use online payment such as 2CheckOut or Paypal, you can use this new payment module to accept payments manually ..

Automatic Download. For successfull orders, the system can now send an email with attachments of the photo that they buyer buy in exact dimension ..

Featured Photos. The homepage will now display all of your featured photos (chosen from the admin panel) and some other photos that randomly taken if the number of featured photos less than the number of available photo space ..

Right Click Protection. Now, users / visitors cannot right click to save pictures from your website..

Unlimited Nested Categories. Visitors can browse photos in multiple unlimited nested categories..

Password Protect Categories. Use this feature to setup a protected area where only some person that you choose that will be able to access the content..

Easy to Use Shopping Cart maximizes your website profits by simplifying the process to purchase on your website.

Accepts multiple currencies. You can choose which currencies you want to use for the website. You can use US Dollars, Euros, Canadian Dollars, Pounds, Australian Dollars or even Japanese Yen.

Integrated Search provides your customers a very easy way to search your stock photos and thus increasing the sales.

Automatic Watermark helps you protect your stock photos from being stolen by unauthorized parties..

Automatic Photo Enhancement makes it easy to setup how your photo should look. You can choose the dimension of the photo and other properties as well.

Online Gallery makes it convenient for your customers to browse and shop your stock photos.

See EasyPhotoStore in Action.
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